Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How can I make a homemade cover-up/foundation?

I have some blemishes that are killing me! I want to get rid of them with some homemade cover-up. I have dark skin so how can I make cover-up for dark skin?How can I make a homemade cover-up/foundation?
For blemishes, cover-up will only make your pores more clogged and does no good to get rid of them. Use zit cream on them like Clearasil (about $4 at drugstores) and buy all-natural cover-up (its much better for your skin). They will definately have it at Sephora, but it could be pricey. Covergirl Cosmetics also makes skin products for women of color (its available at Walmart, Target, basically anywhere that sells makeup! And its cheap) Honestly making cover up isnt the best idea, but good luck!! best wishes~How can I make a homemade cover-up/foundation?
why dont you just buy cover-up? and cover up is not going to help your blemishes! why dont you try washing your face with a good cleanser using a toner and mousterizer? that would be way better for your skin anyways!

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